DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. But if the book could choose its own, would you say the same?




BZC 6.20 Fathers Day Post - Wide Pic

Every day we get dressed to present ourselves to the world. Regardless of our individual restrictions (uniform, business casual, suit and tie), we have the option to express our personality through clothing or to not. I learned the importance of personal presentation from my father who, when starting at the bottom of the business world and inundated with college debt, chose to buy nice suits in lieu of dinners out, going to the movies, drinking with friends, going on trips… everything. He said “If I wanted them to take me seriously, I had to show I was serious.”

BZC 6.20 Fathers Day Post - Close UpBZC 6.20 Fathers Day Post - DetailPants: Uniqlo; Shirt: Cos; Watch: Slow (Greg snagged a matching one for Dad)

While our styles definitely differ (dyed hair doesn’t scream “real estate”), what doesn’t is our appreciation for dress. His choices speak to his detail-oriented professionalism, while mine express my creativity and individuality. Your clothes are your visual résumé, whether you like it or not: choose one outfit, and a passerby thinks you’re a banker; choose another – an artist. As Fathers’ Day approaches, I think more about the things I’ve learned from him, and all of the knowledge still to come. Happy Fathers’ Day.


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